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Philippines secures 1st place finish in MLBB ASEAN Para Games

June 7, 2023 Philippines Sports

THE UNENDING NARRATIVE of the Philippines being a dominant force in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang lives on as the country secured the 1st place finish in the 12th ASEAN Para Games. They swept Malaysia in the finale, 3-0 and remained undefeated in the entire tournament.

While this is definitely a historic moment for the Philippines, the team will not bring home a medal given that Esports is considered to be a demonstration event.

But nevertheless, the team consisting of Marvin Angelo Ignacio, Chester Gonzales, Joshua Detera, Jasper Lorenz Ambat, Ashly Paghubasan, and Coaches Francis “Duckeyyy” Glindro and Vrendon “V” Pesebre, brought pride to the Philippines.

How the Philippines Prevailed over Malaysia

Game 1 was basically total control for the Philippines as their Diggie pick from Ambat and their Fredrinn from Gonzales was too much for Malaysia. The crowd control presence they brought was the perfect setup play for the Philippines, leading to some lethal pokes from Ignacio’s Lapu-Lapu, Paghubasan’s Karrie, and Detera’s Yve.

Ambat has also been a scouting tool and an anti-CC threat given Diggie’s abilities.

The same outcome occurred in Game 2 as Team Philippines once again brought the aggression at the early stages of the game due to the Valentina and Faramis combo from Detera and Ambat respectively.

The sustain from Faramis combined with the Valentina’s ability to steal spells allowed Philippines to boss around the map. It likewise helped that Gonzales’ Minsitthar and Paghubasan’s Claude was used as a punishment tool for any overextending Malaysian.

With their backs on the wall, it was time for Malaysia to make significant changes. So far, Malaysia was dependent on the Minotaur roam pick and given how difficult the execution is, they decided to shift things with a Kaja.

While Malaysia tried desperately to fight, the Philippines still proved their superiority in Game 3. With Gonzales frontlining with his Fredrinn combined with the sustain from Ambat’s Faramis and the Philippines once again took control of the map.

They even managed to dodge key spells like the Bane’s ultimate and when Malaysia started to barge forward, the Philippines had their countermeasures ready.

Game 3 saw Paghubasan’s Harith being a counterattacking threat alongside Detera’s Pharsa and when things went south, there’s always Ambat’s Faramis to protect the team.

In the end, it was the Philippines who dominated the series and secured a landmark victory over Malaysia.


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