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How you can earn as a gaming content creator in the Philippines

June 6, 2023 Philippines Industry Updates

The gaming industry has had an astounding surge in popularity in recent years, both as a source of entertainment and as a promising career path.

Since the Philippines is a nation known for its passionate gaming culture, the number of people who work from home creating gaming content has greatly expanded.

Today, we’ll look at the various ways you could generate money in the Philippines as a game content creator, including live streaming, receiving donations or sponsorships, playing popular games on your phone or computer, and even engaging in gaming competitions.


Mobile gaming has become very popular in the Philippines as a result of the accessibility of cell phones and the low cost of data subscriptions.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Call of Duty: Mobile has captured the attention of millions of Filipino gamers.

By creating engaging videos and showcasing their skills in these well-known games, content creators may amass a devoted following and make money from their hobby.

PC gaming continues to expand significantly in the Philippines.

Both novice and experienced players are drawn to games like Dota 2, League of Legends, and Valorant.

By creating amusing commentary-filled videos that appeal to the gaming community, content producers can establish a relationship that might lead to a devoted following and additional stream of income.


Some of the best places for Filipino game content makers to monetize their work are live streaming services like Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming, and Twitch.

These platforms can provide you with a venue where you can display your gaming, interact with viewers, and build a following for your content.

Akosi Dogie, Alodia Gosiengfiao, and Wil Dasovich, three Filipino gamers, have amassed sizable fan bases by live-streaming their gaming and communicating with their viewers.


Game content creators can solicit payments from fans via live streaming as a way to show their appreciation and support. Viewers are able to donate money during live streaming in the form of “stars” or “donations.”

When a content creator has a committed and passionate fan base, these contributions can pile up quickly.

The sponsorship industry is another lucrative one for individuals who create video game content.

Brands typically look for partnerships to sell their products or services because they recognize the influence that game content providers have.

Producers receive payment or free merchandise through sponsorships in exchange for highlighting or endorsing specific businesses during their broadcasts or films.


The rise of esports has given aspiring game content developers in the Philippines exciting new ways to earn money!

Because there are so many leagues and tournaments that occur frequently, skilled gamers can play at a professional level while creating their personal brand.

Three well-known professional Filipino gamers, DJ, Abed, and Armel, have demonstrated how a successful esports career can lead to sponsorships, prize money, and endorsement deals.

In the Philippines, producing game content has emerged as a popular and useful way to earn money from home.

Thanks to the expansion of mobile and PC gaming, live streaming services, donations, sponsorships, and professional gaming competitions, a career as a gamer is now feasible.

Ambitious content creators may carve their own path to success in the dynamic world of gaming content creation with passion, creativity, and a strong connection to the gaming community. Filipino gamers have already demonstrated that it is possible to flourish in this sector.


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