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Survey shows growing interest in women’s sports among both male, female bettors

February 8, 2024 World iGaming & GamblingSports

The popularity of women’s sports to both male and female bettors was shown by a recent survey conducted by YouGov, a global online research, data, and analytics technology business, and funded by the Women’s Sports organization and sports data and analytics startup StatsPerform.

All genders find women’s sports to be equally intriguing, according to a poll conducted in August 2023 among 2,500 male and female gamblers in the United Kingdom. When asked whether they would want more betting options, especially in women’s soccer, more than 60% of female gamblers and 46% of male bettors who had previously wagered on women’s sports expressed this desire.

Remarkably, over 60% of sports bettors, both male and female, who placed a wager at least once a month claimed to actively watch or follow women’s sports. Moreover, male wagerers made up 81% of the bettors, while female bettors made up 96% of the viewers of women’s sports. In addition, nine out of ten wagerers, both male and female, said they intended to watch women’s sports in the next year.

For both male and female sports bettors, women’s soccer has emerged as one of the top four sports. Nonetheless, a noteworthy difference in wagering behaviors was identified: a higher percentage of male gamblers placed bets on men’s soccer as opposed to women’s soccer.

A total of 38% of male sports bettors cited a lack of consideration as their reason for not placing a wager on women’s soccer, while 34% cited a “lack of knowledge.” It’s interesting to note that women who bet on women’s sports make up two-thirds of those who wager.

The poll’s findings suggest that bettors of both genders are becoming more interested in women’s sports, suggesting that there may be more opportunities for this market to place bets.

Original story by: Gambling News

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