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Jade Fantasy Cricket has recently debuted in Sri Lanka

March 11, 2024 Sri Lanka Events & AnnouncementsSports

With the recent launch of Jade Fantasy Cricket in Sri Lanka, cricket enthusiasts now have a special chance to become involved in the game.

Plotting their movements, managing their own fantasy cricket teams, and competing for cash prizes are all available to users.

With the intention of converting users from passive spectators to active participants in the game, the company positions its platform as a departure from traditional forms of cricket fan engagement. With Jade Fantasy Cricket, the cricket community will hopefully have a more interactive and hands-on experience.

“Jade Fantasy Cricket is more than just a gaming platform; it’s a celebration of the sport that brings us all together,” said Joe Pisano, CEO of Jade Group. He added that their aim was to introduce cricket enthusiasts to the excitement of the game and enable them to engage with it in novel ways.

The website offers daily rewards, free practice games, and the opportunity for participants to build their own dream teams in addition to monetary prizes. This multifaceted strategy appeals to a wide range of cricket enthusiasts with various hobbies.

The company employs advanced Know Your Customer (KYC) verification and authentication techniques to safeguard user data and places a high priority on customer security.

Pisano said, “We want to build a community where cricket fans can come together, show off their skills, and enjoy the game.” He said that this platform embodies the passion and camaraderie inherent in cricket, offering more than just the opportunity to earn prizes.

Original story by: Gambling Insider

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