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Image Source File photo of the State Courts, and a court illustration of Wang Dehai. (Photo and image: Mediacorp)

Man refused bail for laundering gambling winnings worth S$23m to buy condo apartment

October 19, 2023 AsiaChina iGaming & Gambling

Wang Dehai, a man charged with utilizing funds from illegal international gambling to buy a $16.8 million apartment in Singapore, has been refused bail even though his defense team attempted to explain why he left China, where he was charged.

Wang, who has passports from four different countries, is charged with purchasing the house using illicit money obtained from a remote gaming service. In addition, he is accused of having $2.3 million that he obtained from illicit online gaming.

Wang’s attorney made a strong case for bail by highlighting the necessity of a strong defense and the assumption of innocence. It was observed that the defense would find it difficult to meet with him regularly while he was on remand. The defense also refuted the assertion that Wang posed a flight risk, pointing out that he had established a Singaporean residence for his family and had intentions to relocate them there.

Wang posed a flight risk, according to the prosecution, which opposed the bond. They produced proof that Wang had been drawn into an online gambling company in the Philippines that catered to customers in China, where he was sought for a criminal offense. Wang is not exonerated of all charges in Singapore, according to the prosecution, even though online gambling is permitted in the Philippines.

Wang was eventually refused bail by District Judge Terence Tay, who cited his possible danger of escape, the existence of accomplices at large, and his ability to maintain a comfortable lifestyle overseas.

Wang is one of several people in a larger money laundering investigation; other people are also requesting bail in court.

Original story by: Channel News Asia

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