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Surge in Korean Juvenile Gambling Sparks Police Action

May 7, 2024 South Korea Crime & Legal

The South Korea National Police Agency (KNPA) has called for immediate preventive measures in response to a significant rise in the number of Korean adolescents being arrested for engaging in illegal gambling operations.

The average age of adolescents participating in illegal gambling is expected to decline to 16.1 years by 2023, according to recent KNPA figures, which showed a concerning trend.

171 minors, ages 14 to 19, were detained for suspected gambling in 2023 alone—a startling 2.3-fold rise from the year before. Ninety-two.4% of the population was male.

84.8% of illicit activity was conducted on online sites where games, such as sports betting and baccarat, lasted less than ten seconds. Unexpectedly, 56.7% of users accessed these sites via internet cafes, primarily using PCs and cellphones.

The KNPA issues alerts regarding related crimes that could arise from underage gambling, such as fraud and acts of violence in schools.

Commissioner Yoon Hee-keun underlined the grave danger that smartphone gambling poses and pledged resolute action against child addiction.

Law enforcement will start focused awareness campaigns in families and schools to combat this issue by highlighting the risks associated with gambling.

In addition, cooperative rehabilitation initiatives with nearby counseling facilities aim to provide juvenile offenders with essential support services like counseling, medical care, and legal guidance.

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