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TurboJET Partners with Macau Casinos to Revitalize Ferry Services Post-Pandemic

May 7, 2024 Macau Industry Updates

The main ferry operator in Macau, TurboJET, has announced its strategic plan to work with the six top gaming concessionaires in the Special Administrative Region (SAR) to bring its operations back to pre-pandemic levels.

This initiative embodies Macau’s ambition to develop into a multifaceted entertainment hub that offers both gambling attractions and cultural events.

The company is making efforts to entice customers back with lower tickets and more frequent service, according to Wong Man Chung, Director of TurboJET’s Business and Service Department. TurboJET started operations in January of last year and has since expanded to over 60 daily sailings, with half-hourly departures and hourly night sailings.

Because of manpower shortages and problems with vessel reintegration, operational capacity is still only around 50% of pre-pandemic levels notwithstanding advancements.

The aging workforce at TurboJET presents an additional hurdle, requiring the company to refresh its internal training initiatives in order to cultivate new talent.

Increased competitive pressure following the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge has forced TurboJET to think about adaptable solutions.

Wong highlights the business’s dedication to growth driven by the market and its intentions to expand both its workforce and its vessel capacity in response to shifting consumer demand.

Although TurboJET is headed toward complete operational recovery, a number of factors, including as labor augmentation, fleet optimization, and passenger uptake, will need to come into play before the company can reach 100% capacity.

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