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Valve doubles base prize pool for TI in October amidst axing Battlepass

July 5, 2023 World Sports

Host drops hints during ongoing Bali Major that Valve is doubling the base prize pool; TI-themed bundle to drop September.

Original story by Cale Michael for Dot Esports

Valve continues to implement major changes for Dota 2’s biggest event, The International (TI), as it switches up the mechanic of consolidating TI’s prize pool.

Prior to Valve’s removal of Battlepass for the latest The International event, the video game and publisher used to commit a base figure from which the entire Dota 2 community could ‘pool in’ through the use of the Battlepass.

But with Battlepass gone, the event’s prize pool will have to be sourced from different means.

According to the report by Dot Esports, former pro and now dota analyst Yaroslav Vladimirovich “NS” Kuznetsov dropped hints on the outcome of the new system while hosting for a broadcast of the ongoing Bali Major.

NS hinted that the base prize pool will be doubled to USD 3 million–the highest base prize pool in TI’s history.

Crowdsourcing for the rest of the pool will then come from elsewhere. Valve recently confirmed a TI-themed bundle to be released in September, in time for the actual event happening the following month.

No further details were made about the bundle, other than Valve’s assurances that it will focus on the upcoming TI event and less about cosmetics.

Fans are reportedly skeptical about this new change, as it contravenes the decade-long tradition of increasing the prize pool every year. The first decline happened last year, with TI’s prize pool totalling USD 18.9M, more than 20M less than in the prior year.

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