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Paul George Reacts to Reggie Jackson Winning NBA Championship

June 16, 2023 World Sports

Paul George had nothing but love for Reggie Jackson.

It’s no secret that Paul George and Reggie Jackson are great friends. They may not be on the same team anymore, but George still celebrated Jackson when he won an NBA Championship last night with the Denver Nuggets.

Paul George went on Instagram to congratulate Reggie Jackson calling him a “champion.”

For those who may not be aware, Paul George was a huge reason why the Clippers both acquired and re-signed Reggie Jackson. The two had a very strong friendship, and George always advocated and tried to lift Jackson up. Around the time Reggie Jackson signed with the LA Clippers, he was doubting whether or not he was still a capable NBA player. It’s the reason why he was so emotional after the team lost in the 2021 Western Conference Finals. Reggie Jackson has a very special bond with Paul George and his Clipper teammates for giving him the confidence to believe that he can still play.

While the Denver Nuggets’ success has been a tremendous story for their franchise, it’s a reminder of what could have been for the LA Clippers. Both Kawhi Leonard and Jamal Murray came fresh off of an ACL tear from last season, but only one was available to play in the playoffs. It’s a giant reminder of what could have happened for the title favorite Clippers if they could actually be healthy for once. In four seasons of the Kawhi Leonard and Paul George era, they only had one healthy playoff run.

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