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TruthGPT: Elon Musk’s Newest Venture in the Quest for Truth Through AI

April 19, 2023 World Emerging Markets

Elon Musk reportedly revealed to Fox News host Tucker Carlson on April 17 that he is creating a ChatGPT competitor called “TruthGPT,” a large language model (LLM) that Musk claims would be taught to investigate the secrets of the cosmos.

“I’m going to begin something that I’m going to call TruthGPT, which is a maximum truth-seeking AI that tries to comprehend the nature of the universe.”

According to Musk, this truth-seeking AI will also combat what he sees as “left-wing” bias in the sector. The deeper issue is not just that ChatGPT will become autonomous and turn us all into slaves, but that it will control our understanding of reality and do it in a really dishonest way, adding that “it could be programmed to lie to us for political effect.” Musk told Carlson that ChatGPT “is programmed by left-wing experts, which train the chatbots to lie.”

A few weeks after signing a petition asking for a halt to related research in order to consider safety concerns, Musk also seemed to address worries about his entry into the crowded LLM market, which he announced with the purchase of reportedly 10,000 GPUs:

“In the sense that an AI that cares about knowing the world is unlikely to wipe out humans because we are a fascinating component of the universe, I believe this may be the safest course of action.”

When it comes to blockchain applications, artificial intelligence has also proven its potential. Cointelegraph has been covering a string of token trades made by ChatGPT-4 since March 17. ChatGPT-4 suggested allocating $50 of $100 to Bitcoin when asked how to divide the sum among different coins or tokens.
(BTC $29,731), $25 to Ether (ETH $2,104), $15 to Cosmos’ ATOM (ATOM $12.66), and $10 to other Web3 projects and nonfungible currencies. As said by the chatbot:

“The overall pattern demonstrates that Bitcoin functions as a safe haven amid periods of financial instability, like the most recent bankruptcies of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. Additionally, Bitcoin’s market share is getting close to 50%, and some analysts anticipate a rise above $100,000.

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