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Land-based Asian Casino operators yet to maximize full potential of AI

July 18, 2023 Macau Emerging Markets

Casino intelligence and data analytics expert says that land-based casinos are at a disadvantage because of lack of enough data (compared to other sectors) to leverage into actionable developments.

Original story by Kelsey Williams for Asia Gaming Brief

Artificial Intelligence does have its place within helping to manage land-based casinos but only ‘narrow AI’, instead of generative and self-aware AI, will be practical at this point – notes the CEO of casino technology developer TraffGen Global, Andy Caras-Altas.

Speaking in Macau late last week, at the recently-concluded G2E Asia Conference, the AI expert notes that land-based operators can make sure of the targeted AI in management of both patrons and staff, in marketing, in handling VIP efforts, increasing productivity and helping ensure compliance.

Caras-Altas notes that casino operators, however, are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to training their AI, due to the amount of data that they gather – or rather, that they don’t.

“Casinos actually have very little data compared to supermarkets, Google etc. Casino operators need to have an AI system that can use small amounts of data” but that can make the most out of that information to then extrapolate.

Another problem with the AI systems currently being hawked onto the market is data bias.

“This is really relevant to Macau. You train AI with data, but if it’s based on people who are not your target market, it’s not effective,” notes the expert, pointing out that most of the current data is based on the West and European markets, making it ineffective for the Asian casinos.

One key use of AI within integrated resort properties is convergence, notes the expert.

“If the customers are spending a lot of money on non-gaming, finding a way to maximize the value from both non-gaming and gaming is ideal – AI can see which patrons will or will not become punters”,” he notes.

But to do this, operators need to be able to gather the data both from the non-gaming and gaming sides, “so that the AI can look across both”.

Caras-Altas points in particular to how in Australia some operators are using AI to anonymously capture client data, therefore still getting the figures, while avoiding some privacy concerns.

The AI expert outlined more effects of AI towards land-based casino operations in the original article by Kelsey Williams. To learn more implications, including the challenges to adopting AI, read: https://agbrief.com/news/macau/17/07/2023/asian-land-based-operators-are-disadvantage-with-ai-due-to-lack-of-relevant-data/

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