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PH police nabs 184 individuals involved in illegal gambling

September 13, 2023 Philippines Crime & Legal

The Police Regional Office-7 (PRO-7) has made notable progress in curbing criminal activities within the Central Visayas area through a substantial crackdown. This effort has resulted in the apprehension of 184 persons who were found to be engaged in illicit gaming operations. Furthermore, these activities resulted in the confiscation of around P22,000 in unlawful gambling funds.

The achievement of this undertaking may be ascribed to the strategic direction provided by Brigadier General Anthony Aberin, the director of PRO-7. General Aberin has been adhering to the five-focused agenda of Chief PNP Benjamin Acorda Jr. and the BIDA program of Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Benjamin Abalos Jr. The steadfast dedication of PRO-7 to maintaining peace and order in the area has played a crucial part in these accomplishments.

The PRO-7’s unwavering endeavors are beyond the scope of suppressing illicit gaming activities. In addition, the authorities successfully seized illicit narcotics with an estimated worth of P14 million, while apprehending a total of 126 persons implicated in drug-related transgressions. In addition, the law enforcement authorities effectively detained a total of 13 persons who were identified as being among the “most wanted” individuals, along with an additional 106 suspects who had arrest warrants outstanding against them.

PRO-7’s actions also prioritized the growth of unregulated guns. The law enforcement agencies successfully retrieved a total of 174 guns that were not registered, in addition to seizing 160 rounds of ammunition. Consequently, the arrest of 12 persons who were connected to these illegal weapons was made.

The significance of intelligence units in these operations was underscored by Brigadier General Aberin. The speaker reiterated the dedication of PRO-7 to consistently develop its operational tactics, with the main objective of mitigating illicit drug operations in the region of Central Visayas. The aforementioned endeavors are in close accordance with the BIDA Program implemented by the Department of Interior and Local Government, as well as the 5-Focused Agenda spearheaded by the Chief PNP. These initiatives aim to uphold the utmost importance of maintaining the safety and security of the area.

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