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AI Shocks K-netizens with its unusual interpretation of a ‘Korean Man’

June 16, 2023 South Korea Emerging Markets

AI Shocks K-netizens with its unusual interpretation of a ‘Korean Man’

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionize various aspects of our lives, and one area where its influence is increasingly felt is in the world of art.

AI’s burgeoning capabilities in producing striking artworks have been causing a stir, inciting both wonder and debate. In South Korea, the most recent discussion involves AI-generated illustrations of ‘a Korean Man,’ sparking a buzz across various online communities.

Posts showcasing AI’s rendition of Korean men have been circulating rapidly, catching the eye of many internet users. The creator of the online community posts explained that the images originated from a specific request to an AI program, asking it to draw a Korean man.

Netizens who came across the AI-generated photos expressed their surprise and discontent, with comments such as “Did the AI mistakenly depict North Korea’s Kim Jong Un?” “This is highly inaccurate,” “Does the AI system hold some kind of bias against men?” “It seems like the AI developed a disdain for Korean men,” “I have never encountered anyone who looks like this?” “I’ve seen guys like this actually,” and “This is somewhat fascinating to see.”

However, it is worth noting that not all AI systems depict Korean men in the same manner.

For instance, when promoted to draw a Korean man on a website called ‘AI-Painting,’ the resulting depiction showcased a man with idol visuals such as the ones below.

AI Shocks K-netizens
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