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Louis Vuitton Drops €39k High-End ‘Treasure Trunk’ NFT Collection

June 8, 2023 World Blockchain

Highly revered fashion brand, Louis Vuitton, has unveiled an all-new, high-end NFT initiative featuring one of its iconic travel accessories. Through the new ‘Via’ campaign, consummate globetrotters can purchase a €39k Treasure Trunk NFT that will unlock a range of luxury benefits.

In a deviation from its past gamified approach to NFTs, Louis Vuitton will now focus on a high-end use for the technology. As a result, producing a limited number of digital fashion accessories featuring its ‘Treasure Trunk’ range that debuted 160 years ago. Those opting to pay the eye watering €39k price tag however, will receive a made-to-order physical twin of the trunk, as well as a range of future benefits.

To get in on the action, fans of the brand based in participating regions (USA, UK, Canada, France, Japan, Australia and Germany) can register their interest on the official website on June 8. Then on June 14, Louis Vuitton will invite selected candidates to access a private website, before issuing an invitation to purchase one of the NFTs on June 16.

Louis Vuitton Looks to Retain Control by Following a ‘Web2.5’ Approach

Once in possession of an NFT, Louis Vuitton will impose a ‘Soul-Bound’ status on the Treasure Trunk NFTs. Essentially preventing holders from gifting or trading them via a secondary market. This will allow the company to retain a degree of control over the collection and further assist its community with a level of after-care service unavailable to the decentralized model.

That said, however, owning a part of the collection will enable holders to purchase keys that will unlock further products down the line. These keys and their associated benefits will then be fully tradable on the secondary market. So, as Louis Vuitton looks to restructure its NFT game, it will open a new elite doorway into its luxury products and services.

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