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South Korea Launches Association Dedicated to Casino Tourism Professionals

June 7, 2023 South Korea Industry Updates

South Korea Launches Association Dedicated to Casino Tourism Professionals

South Korea’s casino business has lately benefited from the formation of a new organization, the Association of Korea Gaming Tourism Professionals. The group aspires to redefine the view of the sector and raise the gaming culture in the country by focusing on enhancing competitiveness, improving customer service, and promoting training and licensing of casino experts. The formation of this organization is a key step forward in the development and expansion of South Korea’s casino industry.

Objectives for Improving Competitiveness and Customer Service

According to the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, the Association of Korea Gaming Tourism Professionals is dedicated to increasing the competitiveness of the casino business. The group hopes to systematize dealer training and develop a service-oriented culture among casino staff by partnering with all 17 casinos in the country and interacting with tourism instructors at institutions. The ultimate goal is to increase overall customer service quality in South Korean casinos.

Changing Attitudes and Creating a Gaming Culture

One of the association’s primary goals is to counteract South Koreans’ negative perceptions of the casino business. The association seeks to change this impression and become a catalyst for changing the country’s gaming culture through concentrated efforts. The group attempts to establish a favorable image of the business and foster a supportive environment by working on current and prospective casino resorts.

Collaboration with Macau and Recruitment Assistance

The Association of Korea Gaming Tourism Professionals intends to engage with the renowned Macau casino business in the future, in addition to its local projects. This agreement intends to exchange knowledge and best practices in order to promote the growth of both gaming industries. Furthermore, the group intends to promote the South Korean casino industry’s existing recruitment efforts, so promoting its expansion and development.

Growing Membership and a Wide Range of Expertise

The association has already garnered over 70 members since its establishment on May 30. Academics specializing in tourist education, as well as those with substantial expertise in the gaming sector, make up the membership base. Representatives from Kangwon Land Resort, South Korea’s only casino licensed to serve locals, have joined the group. Furthermore, specialists affiliated with foreigner-only casino operators such as Grand Korea Leisure Co Ltd and Paradise Co Ltd have joined the organization.

Prospects for the Future and Collaboration

Looking forward, the group sees a promising future for the South Korean casino industry. The association’s goal is to position South Korea as a global leader in gaming tourism by encouraging collaboration among key stakeholders, cultivating a service-oriented culture, and developing comprehensive training programmes. Furthermore, it aims to capitalize on the experience and success of the Macau casino industry in order to boost the growth and prestige of the South Korean gaming sector.


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