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GPT-4 AI Chatbot Receives High Test Results

March 23, 2023 World Emerging Markets

According to its developer OpenAI, GPT-4, the most recent iteration of the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT, has received remarkable results on a variety of high school and law school exams. The new chatbot has shown enhanced processing abilities, including the capacity to accurately and creatively handle more complex commands as well as translate image, audio, and video inputs to text.

The performance of GPT-4 on the LSAT, which college students in the US must pass to be admitted to law school, is its most noteworthy accomplishment. GPT-4 received a score of 163, which places it in the 88th percentile and puts it in an excellent position to be accepted into one of the top 20 law schools. The score falls just a few points shy of the stated cutoffs for admission to elite universities like Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and Yale. On the LSAT, the previous iteration of ChatGPT only received a score of 149, placing it in the lowest 40%.

The Uniform Bar Exam, which recent law graduates must pass in order to practice law in any U.S. jurisdiction, was another area where GPT-4 performed exceptionally well. The old ChatGPT version only received a score of 213 out of 400, whereas GPT-4 received a score of 298.

With scores in the 93rd and 89th percentiles on the SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and SAT Math exams, respectively, GPT-4 not only did well on the law school exams but also scored highly on those tests.

With marks ranging from 66 to 100%, it also did well on AP examinations in biology, chemistry, and physics. Its AP Calculus score, however, was only average, falling between the 43rd and 59th percentile.

Despite its advantages, GPT-4 performed poorly on tests of English literature, with scores ranging from the 8th to the 44th percentile on two different exams.

Overall, test findings show that GPT-4 has improved significantly over its predecessor, with better processing power and the potential to pass high school and law school exams with scores in the 90th percentile. These advancements have ramifications for the field of artificial intelligence and the employment of chatbots and related technologies across a range of sectors, including the legal and educational sectors.

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