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January 3, 2023 World

What To Do When Helping Someone with Gambling Problems

It is every individual’s right to feel safe and secure emotionally and financially. Keeping yourself safe from any damage that may arise from your friend or family’s drawbacks with gambling is essential.

There are several ways to seek professional help – may it be financial, legal, or any other type of advice. A good way to start is to seek help from a gambling counselor.

As someone who helps a friend or family member out, it could be understandably tiring for you to help someone go through the struggle. Instead of trying to fix the person you’re assisting, try to fix your own situation. Remember:

  • Forcing them to acknowledge that their problem is gambling will not do any good for them
  • Forcing them to stop gambling won’t work
  • The only person who can stop their gambling habits is solely the gambler, no matter what we tell them or do to them
  • The person is not the problem, it’s the gambling act
  • Yourself is not to blame for the gambler’s behavior

Open up
There would be times family members can feel alone or isolated. Seeking help from others could give you the right amount of support. Confide with the people you trust the most. Ask trustworthy people to avoid judgment on the gambler or you. To support one another in the family, talk candidly with them.

A helpful stress reliever is socializing and spending time with others. No need to talk about your problems or concerns if you don’t want to. Giving time to do your interests can help you avoid being affected by a gambler’s problem. Spend time doing things you like and keep in touch with your friends.

Keep yourself healthy
Improve your health and well-being by exercising regularly, maintaining a balanced diet, and giving yourself enough rest to help you relieve stress. Getting professional help from experts such as gambling counselors can give you great advice on how to take care of yourself.

Be decisive about your relationship
It may be essential to put physical and emotional distance from the gambler. There might come a time your relationship with them will fade, stop, or change greatly. You may need to look for professional help if your actions put you at risk or things don’t go as planned.
If there are communication issues between you and the gambler, mediation and counseling are safe ways for discussing issues and seeking solutions.

Find yourself a support as well
It could get stressful when helping out someone with gambling problems. If you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed with anxiety, anger, or depression, consult with a professional who knows how to deal with gambling problems. To help find the best decisions and solutions for your situation, support systems such as self-help groups and counseling can greatly help.

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