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November 9, 2022 World

A guide to casino dress codes

It might be confusing to know what to wear to the many casinos with varying dress rules throughout the globe. Here, we’ll explain the different casino dress requirements and provide advice on what to wear. This will surely help you with dressing the part, feeling at ease, and making a good impression at the gaming floors.

White tie

This is a very formal setting, which is honestly quite unusual and uncommon in modern gambling establishments today. It’s only a big deal when casinos host major events, like charity galas. White tuxedo shirts with bib fronts, black tailcoats with satin stripes, wing collars, shirt studs with cufflinks, white vests, black oxford shoes, and white bow ties are required of the men. The ladies carry tiny clutches and accessorize their floor-length dresses with delicate jewelry and white gloves.

Black tie

In casinos, the black tie is the second level of formal attire, mostly observed at high-end casinos where dress codes are strict. With this dress code, men should wear a dinner jacket with matching trousers, a tie, and black formal shoes, while women should wear a floor-length gown or a cocktail dress with matching high heels. However, black tie dress codes do expand the range of opportunities open to both sexes. Men may don a brightly colored suit, while ladies have the option to wear a tailored pantsuit.

Semi Formal

The semi-formal dress code is for occasions when a compromise between formal and casual attire is called for. For ladies, figuring out what to wear to a semi-formal event may be a bit of a challenge. Women have a wide variety of dress options, including cocktail or afternoon dresses, LBDs, and up-to-date trouser and shirt combinations. Typical men’s semi formal attire consists of a dark business suit and vest, a white shirt, a neutral tie, and dress shoes.

Business formal

Business formal is basically your typical workplace attire. If you are unsure about the dress code of the casino you will be visiting, this is the most recommendable option. It’s appropriate for less formal occasions without drawing attention to yourself. Men should wear black suits with white button-down shirts; vests and ties are not required. Women are encouraged to dress formally in dresses of a modest length paired with a jacket or blazer and heels.

Smart casual

This is the most relaxed dress code, so feel free to wear anything you want. Having said that, there are prerequisites. You won’t be allowed to enter the casino wearing a tank top and sweatpants. Even though you have the choice to wear what you want, you should still look sleek and presentable. Ripped jeans, athleisure, and revealing clothing should also be avoided. In casinos with a relaxed dress policy, men and women are free to wear the vast majority of their wardrobes.

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