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January 10, 2022

Will NFTs Change The Video Game Industry Forever?

Business news Will NFTs Change The Video Game Industry Forever?

As the year 2022 barely begins, the video game industry seems to have a resolution to continue the announcements concerning the introduction of “NFTs”, a technology that allows a single sign-on contract to be awarded to an object. virtual, in the world of gaming. Between the fantasy of the metaverse and the effective integration into very real titles, we will try to answer a question: are “non-fungible tokens” of the size to upset the gaming world in 2022?

“NFT”, three small letters that have caused a lot of talk in 2021, and more precisely in recent months in the video game sector, when many players in the field have displayed their ambition regarding “non-fungible tokens” ( “Non-fungible tokens” in French). It is a technology that allows you to assign a single sign-on contract to a virtual object, like an image, a video or any file, thus making its owner the official owner of the object in question. A certification made possible thanks to the blockchain, a database that looks like a huge encrypted and decentralized account book, which is updated in real time. NFTs are therefore in theory tamper-proof, and have given rise to impressive digital auctions in 2021. Everydays: the First 5 000 Days, an artistic collage of thousands of digital images, was a few months ago the first non-fungible token sold by Christie’s, an auction house known around the world. Its price: $ 69.3 million, or $ 57.8 million.

A craze that has reached the ears of video game companies. “The boom in NFTs has helped blockchain analysts understand that players are interested” Nicolas Pouard, at the head of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab, explained to us in a recent article. The man and the famous French publisher recently launched “Quartz”, a platform where it is possible to obtain non-fungible tokens – here called “Digits” – usable in Ubisoft games, currently only compatible with Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Last month, players were able to collect three limited-quantity cosmetic items for free. At the moment, Quartz is in its infancy, but the platform could host in the future “The statistics of the owners of the NFT, their performances, or the sequences of play of which they are proud”, as Baptiste Chardon, another architect of the project, asserts on Le Figaro. The course of the NFTs has been set, while some of Ubisoft’s employees have publicly displayed their disagreement via a trade union organization.