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Thailand’s ongoing discussions on IRs, casinos ignites multifaceted debate

November 16, 2023 Thailand iGaming & Gambling

The ongoing discussions in Thailand concerning the probable establishment of integrated resorts and casinos have aroused a wide discourse. While there is enthusiasm about the economic benefits and tourism potential of such breakthroughs, there is increased fear about the potentially adverse repercussions, such as corruption and human trafficking.

According to recent estimates, 164 Thai nationals are stranded in Myanmar’s Shan state, where an armed clash between government soldiers and rebel factions has erupted. Some individuals were reportedly attracted to Myanmar by the chance of employment in call centers and casinos. Others, on the other hand, may have been victims of human traffickers aiming to exploit them for forced labor at gambling firms.

Critics say that casinos near Thailand’s borders, particularly in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, are more than simply gaming businesses. They are suspected of being involved in a range of illicit activities, including narcotics and people trafficking, and are viewed as safe havens for money laundering. Concerns have been made about probable collaboration with corrupt Thai officials and conspirators, which may result in the transfer of unlawful cash back into Thailand via the purchase of real estate, luxury items, and other assets.

While the Thai government has always been vehemently opposed to people smuggling, meaningful solutions to the issue have yet to be enacted. The intricacy of the case shows the problems that may occur if Thailand decides to develop regulated gambling sites. Although the nation lacks the gaming infrastructure prevalent in neighboring countries, recent developments reveal an increased readiness to embrace integrated resorts.

Thailand is aggressively exploring the probable benefits and dangers of implementing licensed casinos. The government announced the appointment of a committee to probe the topic last month. Legalizing casinos, proponents argue, will raise government revenue and attract huge gambling operators, enhancing the country’s tourism attraction. However, skeptics claim Thailand’s reputation for corruption, which ranks 101 out of 180 nations in the 2022 Transparency.org Corruption Perceptions Index, can be a barrier to legal firms.

As Thailand navigates these conversations, the choice to construct regulated casinos will most likely be predicated on finding a balance between economic gains and addressing any social and ethical difficulties related to the gaming sector.

Original story by: Casino.org

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