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Nepal bans TikTok over gambling material, hate speech, anti-gov’t content

November 16, 2023 Nepal iGaming & Gambling

The famous social media platform TikTok has been banned by the Nepalese government because to concerns about hate speech, gambling material, and anti-government content.

The action is seen as an effort to preserve the “social harmony” of the nation. Nepal has outlawed gambling after 1,647 criminal incidents linked to TikTok during the course of the preceding four years, according to the Nepal Police Cyber Bureau.

Protests against the government have been triggered by the restriction, which has been accused of restricting free speech. The decision represents a global trend in which governments are reevaluating social media’s impact on societal dynamics and the harmony between preserving social harmony and protecting individual rights.

Several internet service providers have already barred access to TikTok as a result of the restriction, which is effective immediately. This is in response to earlier directives requiring all social media companies to have a physical presence in Nepal or designate a point of contact there.

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies requires social networking sites to register, failing which they may be forced to shut. Concerns covered by the regulatory framework include the dissemination of false information, hate speech, defamation, child labor, human trafficking, explicit material, drug trade, gambling, transmission of fake news, distorted information, cyberbullying, and content connected to terrorism.

It is anticipated that enforcement of these principles would provide a challenge. There is a discussion on how to find a balance between social harmony and freedom of speech in light of the TikTok ban and broader social media standards. Some opponents are concerned that these rules will stifle free speech and opposition.

Original story by: Casino.org

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