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Thai cybercrime authorities raid notorious online gambling operation

November 7, 2023 Thailand Crime & LegaliGaming & Gambling

The Thai Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) revealed the results of a raid on UFAV8, a well-known online gambling organization, during a news conference recently. In an effort to counteract internet gambling platforms, UFAV8 was exposed as a multi-million baht gambling network that provided a variety of betting options, slot machine games, soccer wagers, and other games for more than 36 months.

After the operation, assets worth more than 150 million baht, or around $4.2 million, were seized. The suspected mastermind, 41-year-old Pramet, was also apprehended in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit neighborhood. Additional examination of the confiscated property suggested a possible link to a gambling establishment in a nearby nation.

Officers Under the direction of Police General Torsak Sukvimol, the commissioner general of the Royal Thai Police, Lieutenant General Thana Chuwongthe, the deputy commissioner-general, underlined the government’s determination to taking tough measures against internet gambling companies. The illicit activity drew over 10,000 customers and may have brought in an estimated 600 million baht (about $16.9 million) annually, according to CCIB’s research.

The purported mastermind was also connected to Outlaws Thailand, a transnational criminal organization recognized for its participation in human trafficking, drug trafficking, and illicit gaming. International Outlaws is the parent company of Outlaws Thailand.

Officers The commissioner of CCIB, Lieutenant General Worawat Watthanakornbancha, said that ten arrest warrants had been issued for UFAV8 members thought to be in Poi Pet, Cambodia.

In a different occurrence, Nakhon Ratchasima police arrested a 45-year-old suspect who had an outstanding arrest warrant. Along with accusations of impersonation and computer system manipulation to spread false information, he was accused with having ties to an online gambling group.

In an effort to shield its residents from possible damage, the Thai government has been aggressively battling illicit internet gambling. In the past, they have cracked down on underground networks and closed hundreds of unregulated online gambling sites.

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