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MGM Resorts faces cyberattack

September 12, 2023 World Crime & Legal

Numerous systems throughout MGM Resorts’ US operations have been taken down as a result of a suspected hack. Reservation systems were unavailable as a result of the event, which at first caused issues with MGM’s website and email services. To handle the dilemma, the organization turned to using a Gmail account for communication.

The broad impact of the cyberattack extends to MGM’s gambling activities. At the Aria on the Las Vegas Strip, “dozens of slot machines” reportedly went down, and similar problems have also been reported at the Borgata in Atlantic City and the MGM Northfield in Ohio. Additionally, owing to broken digital key systems, guests have been locked out of their hotel rooms, and ATMs have stopped working.

Due to an outage of its credit card machines, the Bellagio in Las Vegas has resorted to manual operations and only accepts cash payments.

MGM Resorts responded to the situation with a statement confirming the cybersecurity issue. The business quickly launched an investigation, consulting with outside cybersecurity specialists and alerting law authorities. Systems were turned off in order to protect data and lessen the hazard. The inquiry is still underway, and its goals include figuring out the type and scope of the assault.

At the time of reporting, MGM’s investor relations website looked untouched, while its customer-facing website remained offline.

Fortunately, the problem has not impacted MGM China, a subsidiary of MGM with a location in Macau, and reports indicate that BetMGM has not been impacted either.

With a big breach in 2019 that revealed the personal information of over 10 million visitors, including celebrities and other prominent people, MGM Resorts had previously encountered cybersecurity issues. The latest incident highlights the ongoing threat of cyberattacks in the gaming and hotel industries and the requirement for strong cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive customer data and operational integrity.

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