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Next-gen eSports platform Ultra Arena launched by gaming ecosystem Ultra and French gaming distributor CLD Distribution

July 27, 2023 World Blockchain

The platform is touted to revolutionize the eSports scene; players can compete in tournaments to win ‘uniqs,’ Ultra’s NFT standard that players can trade within the Uniq Marketplace; tailored to gamers of varying skill levels–pro or casual

Original story by Hunor Pal for EuropeanGaming.eu

Ultra, a complete PC video gaming ecosystem created by AAA games industry talent from companies like Ubisoft, Playstation and Nintendo, and CLD Distribution, owner of Smartoys stores and official distributors for the largest retailers in Europe, recently announced the launch of Ultra Arena, a next-generation esports and tournament platform for all gamers.

Created to expand access to competitive gaming for casual gamers and pros alike, Ultra Arena will go live globally on 8th August 2023 following a series of successful closed beta tournaments.

Currently, gamers often need to join a multitude of third-party websites and Discord servers to compete in their favorite games.

Ultra Arena addresses this by integrating directly within Ultra’s ecosystem of PC gaming apps, bringing together tournament organization, prizes and rewards in a single intuitive hub.

In addition to major benefits for gamers, Ultra Arena provides a multitude of opportunities for publishers, esports organizations, and gaming brands to connect with their audiences.

Apart from supporting tournament sponsorships and custom branding for teams and competitions, brands and organizations have the ability to create and oversee their own exclusive tournaments and events. They can also assemble highly competitive lineups to represent them by directly engaging with emerging esports talents.

Ultra Arena will host tournaments for titles including League of Legends, Overwatch 2, CSGO, PUBG, as well as games that are already available to play on Ultra Games. Tournament organizers take control of the rules and brackets to cater to various skill levels, as well as reward systems.

Prize pools can be made up of Ultra’s $UOS ecosystem token, digital games, and digital collectibles. Physical licensed products such as graphics cards and keyboards can also be offered, which players can choose to keep or trade with others on Ultra’s built-in Uniq Marketplace.

What did Ultra and CLD’s leaders, who are veterans of the gaming industry, say about the launch of Ultra Arena and how will the next-gen platform revolutionize NFTs and gaming? Read their thoughts in the original article by Hunor Pal for EuropeanGaming.eu at


Users can also get into the action now and download Ultra Arena here: https://ultra.io/

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