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PAOCC Rejects Proposal to Name Bamban Mayor Alice Guo as Witness

July 9, 2024 Philippines Crime & Legal

PAOCC Rejects Proposal to Designate Suspended Bamban Mayor Alice Guo as State Witness

The Philippines’ Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (PAOCC) rejected a proposal on Saturday to designate suspended Bamban, Tarlac Mayor Alice Guo as a state witness, stating that this would only be considered if she could identify someone more culpable than herself. According to the Philippine News Agency, PAOCC spokesperson Winston Casio believes Guo is not the least culpable among the suspects under investigation for human trafficking.

Casio stated during the Saturday News Forum in Quezon City that Guo holds the highest position in the “food chain” when questioned about her level of culpability among those identified and currently in custody.

He emphasized that any state witness must be the least guilty in the conspiracy behind the crime. “Based on the current evidence, Guo does not qualify as the least guilty at this time,” Casio mentioned, adding that they could consider her as a state witness if future evidence suggests she is the least guilty.

Meanwhile, David & Jamilla Law Offices, representing Alice Guo, sent a letter to Senator Risa Hontiveros denying any association with Jian Zhong Guo, Sheila Leal Guo, Wesley Leal Guo, Seimen Leal Guo, and Wenyi Lin, who are accused of involvement in illegal POGO operations.

According to The Philippine Star, the law firm clarified, “We do not represent the above-named individuals. Our firm only represents Mayor Alice Leal Guo and her alone.”

Senator Risa Hontiveros is a leading advocate for a POGO ban in the Philippines. Alice Guo, known as the “POGO Mayor,” is the focal point of a Senate investigation concerning a raided POGO hub in Bamban, with documents indicating her direct involvement in its operations. She is also suspected of being involved in a criminal syndicate run by Chinese nationals.

Questions have arisen about Guo’s citizenship due to inconsistencies in her testimonies and questionable documents related to her Filipino citizenship. Despite these issues, Guo has denied involvement in illegal POGO activities and asserts her Filipino citizenship.

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