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Philippine POGO Crisis: Proposed Illegal Operator Phaseout

July 8, 2024 Philippines Crime & Legal

Proposed Strategy to Address Philippine POGO Crisis: Phaseout of Illegal Operators

According to a report by the Philippine News Agency, Dr. Winston Casio, spokesperson for the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (PAOCC), proposed a gradual phaseout of illegal offshore gaming operators as a more effective strategy to address the Philippine POGO crisis. Speaking at a news forum in Quezon City, Casio suggested that implementing a transitional mechanism alongside phasing out would be optimal in eliminating POGO scam operations.

Casio emphasized the need to reconsider a total ban on POGOs, acknowledging that decisions on such matters are not within his purview. He noted that currently, only 42 POGOs operate legally in the Philippines, while numerous illegal operations persist across various regions from Northern Luzon to Central Visayas, many of which operate covertly.

In response to reported criminal activities associated with illegal POGOs, including money laundering and human trafficking, House Speaker Martin Romualdez has ordered a congressional investigation. Romualdez emphasized the importance of identifying and prosecuting those responsible for these illicit actions to protect affected communities and uphold the law.

Romualdez also highlighted the inquiry’s focus on evaluating existing regulations and identifying loopholes that enable illegal POGO operations to evade law enforcement, as reported by the Philippine News Agency. He underscored the broader goal of safeguarding the nation’s economic stability and shielding citizens from the negative impacts of criminal enterprises.

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