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Online Gambling in Cambodia Thrives Despite Ban, Raises Concerns

July 8, 2024 Cambodia iGaming & Gambling

Thriving Online Gambling in Cambodia Despite Legal Ban Raises Concerns

Despite gambling being illegal for Cambodians, online betting sites are thriving, allowing users to easily register and deposit money for various sports and casino games. According to the Korea Herald, the Cambodian government has acknowledged the issue, stating that no online gambling licenses have been granted.

The Commercial Gambling Management Commission (CGMC) has taken action against illegal gambling operations, shutting down numerous online ads and promotions. However, enforcement remains challenging as the sites continue to cater to Cambodian gamblers with little fear of legal repercussions. This has led to growing concerns about gambling-related crimes such as fraud and human trafficking.

Experts stress the need for strict enforcement of Cambodia’s gambling laws to combat corruption and regulate the industry effectively. The government’s ability to manage this sector will significantly impact the country’s international image and public order.

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