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PH solon voices concern on widespread presence of online gambling ads on social media

March 4, 2024 Philippines Crime & LegaliGaming & Gambling

Concerned about the widespread distribution of advertisements for online gambling on several social media sites, including Facebook, X, Instagram, and TikTok, Senator Lito Lapid has said that these advertisements expose minors to illicit activities.

Lapid has said that he plans to put out a resolution asking the Senate Committee on Games and Amusements to look into illegal online gambling and create legislation to ban or restrict its growth. Lapid is the leader of the committee.

Lapid emphasized the perils of young people being exposed to illegal gambling at an early age, including the potential for addiction and the detrimental effects on their morals and values if proper government action is not taken.

The senator also cautioned against using mobile wallet services or financial technologies for gambling, such as GCash, PayMaya, and comparable platforms.

Lapid voiced concern about the detrimental effects on morality and conduct in youth, highlighting the need to address online gambling in order to support positive parenting practices for children. He issued a warning, comparing such activities to fictional characters from FPJ’s “Batang Quiapo,” saying that they might lead to the misuse of pocket money and, in severe cases, encourage unethical behavior like theft.

In addition, Lapid highlighted how easy it is to install mobile gambling apps and how easy it is to register, with most registration processes being overlooked by parents since they just need basic details like name and age.

Original story by: Philippine Star

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