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800 Chinese involved in gambling-related fraud in Myanmar return to home country

March 15, 2024 ChinaMyanmar Crime & Legal

China’s Ministry of Public Security has said that eight hundred Chinese citizens who had been involved in gaming fraud in the Myawaddy district of Myanmar had returned home.

This action demonstrates China’s expanded collaboration with Southeast Asian nations in the fight against the region’s criminal networks, which are mostly run by Chinese nationals and engage in phone scams and gambling.

China, Thailand, and Myanmar have resolved to jointly pursue Chinese individuals implicated in gaming fraud in Myawaddy. One aspect of the repatriation effort was returning these individuals to China via Thailand.

With “KK Park” in the southern region being particularly well-known, Myawaddy has developed a reputation as a center for a range of illicit activities, including computer fraud, gaming scams, human trafficking, and organ trafficking. In March 2023, Chinese authorities, together with their counterparts in Thailand and Myanmar, initiated an initiative to counter illicit activities inside this area.

The fact that 10 criminal syndicate masterminds involved in fraudulent activities in the region were given over to Chinese authorities earlier this year by Burmese police demonstrated the progress being made in breaking up fraud networks.

The Ministry of Public Security placed a strong emphasis on ongoing cooperation with the participating countries in the fight against online gambling, international wire fraud, and other illicit activities. It reaffirmed the government’s commitment to protecting the well-being and possessions of its people. Furthermore, a number of Chinese nationals who are part of the criminal networks linked to Myawaddy gaming have openly expressed their desire to go back to China in spite of the current onslaught.

Original story by: IAG

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