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Legal experts suggest need to reevaluate Macau’s new gambling law

February 27, 2024 Macau Crime & Legal

The “Law to Combat Gambling Crimes,” a proposed bill that has been hailed by local authorities as a means of reducing the susceptibility of the gaming sector to criminal influence, will be discussed during the Macau legislative session.

However, according to legal professionals GGRAsia spoke with, more clarification is needed in order to evaluate the program’s overall objectives and possible effectiveness.

The proposed legislation modernizes Macau’s almost thirty-year-old Law No.8/96/M, which governs illegal gambling. Lawyer Bruno Ascenção, who practices in Macau, thinks that Macau and all parties involved in the gambling industry will gain from the proposed changes and additions.

These align with Macau’s broader commitment to maintain the industry free from criminal influence, as stated in the revised Macau Gaming Law that was approved in January of last year under the new concession structure.

The bill, according to MdME lawyers Carlos Coelho and Francisco Leitão, addresses previous issues by providing clarification on the concept of under-the-table betting and online gaming. It also aims to increase the effectiveness of investigations against gambling by giving police the authority to go undercover.

But former Macau government consultant on gaming matters António Lobo Vilela expressed concern about opportunities lost to create a thorough framework addressing potential criminal dangers in the industry.

He made the point that although the legislation addresses illegal online gaming, it also repeals previous crimes related to gambling in facilities with a license and animal racing without offering more comprehensive preventive measures.

The MdME lawyers claim that there are still a number of unanswered questions that the proposed legislation does not address. Notably, it ignores unlawful money exchange, a persistent security issue brought up by local authorities, that occurs outside or inside Macau casinos. In addition, there are ambiguities in the bill’s wording and purview, particularly with respect to sports betting, which need explanation in order to safeguard present concessionaires and stop illegal activity.

Bruno Ascenção called for clarification to avoid unexpected consequences, expressing concerns about the bill’s phrasing that forbids the “promotion” of online games of chance and mutual betting.

Overall, additional work and clarification are needed to ensure that the proposed “Law to Combat Gambling Crimes” is both successful and compliant with broader regulatory goals, even if it is a good place to start when it comes to combating illegal activities in Macau’s gaming industry.

Original story by: GGRAsia

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