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Premium-mass segment betting activity lower by 16% in Macau. during CNY

February 20, 2024 Macau Industry Updates

A recent analysis of Macau’s premium-mass betting activities was carried out by Citigroup over the eight-day mainland Chinese New Year holiday.

Upon comparing the survey findings from the seven-day Chinese New Year vacation period in 2019 to the previous year, the researchers found that, out of 777 participants, the proportion of high-value players was around 16 percent lower. However, since the outbreak, this amount was the greatest monthly total.

Despite the smaller player base, the total amount wagered throughout this holiday season was more than during the Chinese New Year celebrations in 2019, which kicked off on February 4.

A record high of HKD23.0 million (about US$2.94 million) was wagered overall, according to experts George Choi and Ryan Cheung. When compared to Chinese New Year 2019, this is a 49% increase. They said that a wager average of HKD29,624, 77% more than in 2019, demonstrated the exceptional quality of each individual participant.

Based on the study’s findings, Citigroup analysts predict that the increased number of visitors to Macau over the Chinese New Year Golden Week won’t have a major effect on the quality of premium mass players.

According to the inquiry, there were 41 “whales” with bets of HKD 100,000 or more over Chinese New Year 2019, which is a record high, up from 27.

Original story by: GGRAsia

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