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BIG Cyber to enhance cybersecurity services through partnership with Maxxsure

February 7, 2024 World Events & Announcements

According to a press release released on Monday, BIG Cyber, a division of the BMM Innovation Group, has declared plans to grow its cybersecurity services and solutions via a strategic partnership with Maxxsure LLC.

The BMM Innovation Group combines the expertise of two other group members, BIG Cyber and RG24seven, with the knowledge of BMM Testlabs, a game testing laboratory and technology consulting company. In order to lessen the risk of cyberattacks, BIG Cyber specializes in providing cyber defense technology made especially for the gaming industry.

According to the press release, Maxxsure is a recognized authority on risk assessment and cybersecurity solutions, and its M-Score technology is regarded as the most precise cyber-risk rating available.

The deal, according to the release, would let BIG Cyber provide Maxxsure’s products and services to the global gaming industry exclusively.

BIG Cyber’s CEO, Amit Sharma, expressed happiness about the company’s partnership with Maxxsure and emphasized how Maxxsure’s distinct approach to cybersecurity and risk assessment enhances BIG Cyber’s capacity to provide clients with more complete and customized solutions.

Integrating Maxxsure’s M-Score service into BIG Cyber’s cybersecurity offerings is the main objective of the partnership. This will enable the provision of thorough insights into an organization’s present and future cyber risks, evaluation of readiness and resilience to cyber events, and estimation of potential financial losses.

In prepared remarks, Maxxsure CEO Shawn Wiora said that the partnership is set to revolutionize the gaming sector by offering state-of-the-art methods for estimating financial risks and bolstering cyber defenses via remediation and insurance.

With recent high-profile breaches on major casino operators exposing weaknesses, he had high hopes for the next two years, intending to seize a substantial portion of the cyber risk quantification market. According to Wiora, BIG Cyber and Maxxsure hope that this collaboration will assist gaming companies in precisely assessing their cyber threats and creating specialized plans for effectively managing them.

Original story by: GGRAsia

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