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Macau’s Court of Second Instance partially upholds appeal filed by Alvin Chau

October 23, 2023 Macau Casino & HotelCrime & Legal

Alvin Chau, the former CEO of Suncity Group, and seven other Suncity employees filed an appeal, which the Macau Court of Second Instance partially upheld. However, the appeal did not shorten their prison sentences. Moreover, the compensation they are required to pay for allegations of money laundering has been increased fourfold to HK$25 billion (US$3.2 billion).

Alvin Chau is subject to the judgment on Friday, along with other guilty individuals like Si Tou Chi Hou, Philip Wong Pak Ling, Leong Su Weng, Cheong Chi Kin, Chau Chun Hee, Lou Seak Fong, and Ali Celestino.

A previous ruling about Suncity’s involvement in “betting under the table” activities, which deceived and cost the Macau Special Administrative Region and its concessionaires money, was deemed by the court to not be a res judicata fact. All defendants were thus found not guilty of fraud. It follows that they are no longer required to pay the approximately HK$8.6 billion (US$1.1 billion) in compensation that was originally imposed under the fraud accusation, including HK$6.5 billion (US$831 million) to the government and HK$2.08 billion (US$266 million) to concessionaires.

In contrast, Suncity was discovered by the court to have made HK$17.66 billion (US$2.26 billion) from its “betting under the table” activities and an additional HK$7.21 billion (US$921 million) from online betting. Alvin Chau, Philip Wong, and Cheung Ling Ling, a different defendant, were all involved in a money-laundering conspiracy that brought in at least RMB17 million (US$2.3 million) and HK$617 million (US$79 million).

The additional allegations of money laundering have no effect on the 18-year prison sentence for Alvin Chau or the 12-year, six-month sentence for Philip Wong.

The defendants are additionally ordered by the court to pay the specified amounts to the Macau Special Administrative Region (SAR) jointly and severally. Early estimates indicate that the business will now have to reimburse the Macau SAR Government with HK$25 billion. The accused has the option to file an appeal with the Court of Final Appeal.

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Original story by: IAG

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