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Caesars gives update on recent cyberattack

October 11, 2023 World Casino & HotelIndustry Updates

Caesars Entertainment Inc. informed the Maine attorney general’s office of a cyberattack in compliance with Maine law after learning that the breach had exposed customer data. It was eventually discovered that the incident had an impact on 41,397 residents of Maine, despite the filing’s “to be determined” statement for the total number of impacted persons.

The notice claims that Caesars was the victim of a social engineering attack on a hired IT provider, which resulted in unauthorised access to the business’ network on August 18, 2023, and data exfiltration that started on or around August 23, 2023. It was found that this breach exposed the personal information of residents of the state of Maine, which Caesars verified on September 7, 2023. The data breach exposed names and other personally identifiable information in addition to licence numbers or non-driver identification numbers.

Caesars formally recognised the breach in an addendum to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing on the same day the material was given to Maine authorities. The company recruited cybersecurity firms, set up cleanup and containment measures, formed crisis response protocols, and alerted law enforcement and state casino regulators. After the issue was resolved, Caesars conducted a thorough investigation to identify any highly sensitive personal information that the unauthorised party may have gotten.

Caesars is advising its customers to keep a watch on their accounts for any unusual behaviour, despite the fact that it has no specific reason to believe that consumers are in risk of identity theft or fraud as a consequence of the incident. Be cautious at all times, often review your account statements, and keep a watch on your credit reports for any unusual activity. Additionally, customers are urged to exercise caution when answering calls, emails, or SMS communications that may seem to be spam or fraudulent and to avoid clicking on links or opening files from unidentified sources.

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Original story by: Las Vegas Review Journal

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