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Wynn Macau introduces “Rua da Felicidade Pedestrian Zone” as part of revitalization initiative

October 2, 2023 Macau Casino & HotelIndustry Updates

Wynn Macau Ltd. has introduced the “Rua da Felicidade Pedestrian Zone” on a trial basis, open daily from 11 am to 1 am, as part of a ground-breaking move to revitalise an ageing neighbourhood. The administration first made a statement about this initiative in mid-July.

Rua da Felicidade, which has been turned into a pedestrian area featuring large-scale art installations, a cultural and creative market, art and cultural events, an interactive check-in game, and a night market experience, serves as the project’s main point.

About 60 check-in signs will be installed as part of the interactive check-in game so that visitors may scan WeChat QR codes to learn more about businesses and landmarks in their area. Additionally, it offers the chance to win prizes from different stores and market booths along Rua da Felicidade as well as cash vouchers from 40 small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), which promotes higher spending. Over 150,000 people are anticipated to play the interactive check-in game, which will also help more than 60 SMEs.

Wynn stresses that the variety of activities found inside the Rua da Felicidade Pedestrian Zone provide a vibrant and creative atmosphere and provide cultural and tourist experiences that support the development of nearby SMEs.

Wynn has decorated the neighbourhood with Mid-Autumn lanterns and other festive accents since the project takes place during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. In order to improve the experience for the general public and tourists, Wynn has also invited approximately 20 mainland and local artists to perform.

Wynn is still dedicated to working with the “1+4” moderately diversified development plan of the Macau SAR Government and cooperating with diverse community groups. They want to support the expansion of community tourism and non-gaming tourism in Macau.

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