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Tabcorp’s website fined $9,590 for encouraging people to gamble

September 29, 2023 World Casino & HotelCrime & Legal

Tabcorp, an Australian gambling operator, was fined AU$15,000 (about $9,590) for providing incentives to people who did not have TAB betting accounts.

The reason for the conviction is that Tabcorp advertised a programme on its website with incentives for engaging in gaming activities.

It is forbidden to print or distribute enticement adverts to non-account holders in New South Wales (NSW). Tabcorp’s website unintentionally communicated a gambling enticement to non-account holders due to an internal error, which is against NSW laws.

Jane Lin, Executive Director of Regulatory Operations for Liquor & Gaming NSW, emphasised a zero-tolerance policy on illicit gambling inducements, especially for big businesses like Tabcorp. According to Lin, operators cannot market or promote incentives to persuade people to establish betting accounts or play more often, even if gambling promos are legally permissible for betting account holders who have given their explicit agreement to receive such material.

The promotion of incentives to engage in gambling, including promises to wager more often, is expressly forbidden in NSW. Additionally, it is unlawful to provide incentives for creating betting accounts, encouraging others to do the same, maintaining open betting accounts, or agreeing to receive gambling advertising. The maximum penalties for businesses that print unlawful gambling advertising is $110,000, while the maximum fine for individuals is $11,000.

Original story by: Asia Gaming Brief

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