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Man who caused scene at Caesars Palace face jail time

October 2, 2023 World Crime & Legal

The sentence for Matthew Mannix, who was in charge of the July 11 conflict at Caesars Palace, has already been handed down.

The 19 to 48-month term Mannix got for his involvement in the event carries a potential punishment of up to two years in jail. He is also prohibited from accessing any casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and has to pay $55,000 in damages to the hotel room where he locked himself with his girlfriend.

During the incident, Mannix broke the room’s window and tossed different items of furniture out, which caused panic among the guests as the debris fell into the pool deck below. Fortunately, there were no severe injuries recorded.

According to Mannix’s lawyer, he had been using drugs in the days before the event and was hallucinating. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s detectives noticed that Mannix and his girlfriend both seemed to be using drugs and displaying drug-induced paranoia.

According to police records, Mannix threatened to hurt his girlfriend and physically accost cops. He also threatened to shoot them. He threatened to use a “magazine full of rounds” he claimed to have in his possession.

No handgun, however, was discovered on Mannix; instead, his girlfriend turned up a pocketknife to the authorities when Mannix submitted when a SWAT squad entered the hotel room.

Mannix was being detained in a Las Vegas prison after posting $750,000 bond. Later, he revealed his history of drug addiction, admitting to using more than ten illicit narcotics as well as a number of prescribed pharmaceuticals.

The allegations of first-degree abduction and coercion with a dangerous weapon were dropped when Mannix pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor negligence charge and substantial property damage in August. He might have received a term of up to five years in jail in his home state of Colorado, but the plea agreement avoided him a possible life sentence in Nevada.

In addition to expressing regret for his behavior, Mannix vowed to kick his drug addiction. In order to allow him to take part in a program for recovering from drug misuse, the court sentenced him to 19 to 48 months in jail.

It’s still unclear where Mannix will spend his prison time—Nevada or Colorado. His lawyer said that in order to settle the lawsuit, Colorado authorities would probably take custody of him. The payment owing to Caesars Palace for property damage has already been paid by Mannix’s family while he receives treatment for schizophrenia and bipolar illnesses.

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Original story by: Gambling Insider

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