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Tesla engineer appointed to DFNN’s Board of Directors

September 26, 2023 Philippines Emerging MarketsiGaming & Gambling

A Tesla engineer named Nicholas Te has been nominated to the board of directors of DFNN, a technology company located in the Philippines that specializes in online gaming systems for regional casino operators. Te’s job will be to promote technology innovation and space investment as DFNN extends its technological efforts.

Te’s hiring is seen by DFNN as a tactical attempt to diversify and take advantage of openings in the technology industry. By fusing its present knowledge with Te’s unique viewpoint, the firm hopes to successfully carry out key projects.

Te has spent the last three years working as an engineer at Tesla, Inc. He has a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. His specialties include computer science, battery manufacturing, and conventional engineering fields including electrical, aeronautical, metallurgical, chemical, and mechanical engineering.

Te voiced his support for the growth-oriented mission of DFNN and stressed his dedication to innovation, strategic thinking, and fostering cooperation among various teams.

He stressed the company’s venture into space investing while speaking about DFNN’s efforts to diversify. He thinks that DFNN’s entrance will open up investment prospects in meteorology, communication, and land development/mining technologies since his nation is missing in the space race, notably in operational and commercial satellites. Te anticipates that DFNN’s knowledge in gaming, online shopping, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence will be helpful in navigating these unknown seas.

DFNN collaborates with gambling regulator PAGCOR to organize digit and pari-mutuel events, runs a sports betting exchange, and has licenses for electronic gambling machines (EGMs).

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Original article by: IAG

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