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Macau closes COVID Center

September 19, 2023 Macau Events & AnnouncementsIndustry Updates

As COVID-19 pandemic responses continue to ease, the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre in Macau has ceased operations, as per Ho Iat-seng, the chief executive of Macau. The center was set up in January 2020 to make sure that public and private groups are working together to stop COVID-19 cases, keep them under control, and treat them.

Since December of the previous year, Macau’s government had been slowly reducing virus security measures. By January 8, 2023, almost all border restrictions had been lifted. Because of these changes and the fact that infections aren’t as bad and don’t hurt as many people around the world, the government has chosen to close the center.

Even though COVID-19 is no longer a public health emergency on a worldwide level, Macau admits that it still poses a threat to human health. Because of this, the Health Bureau and other related departments will keep putting in place preventive and control measures for pandemics.

The “Anti-Epidemic Page” for Macau has been renamed “Novel Coronavirus Infections Page” and added to the Health Bureau’s thematic site so that it can be managed regularly. COVID-19 info will be added to this page every week.

Even when the coordination office is no longer open, the Guaranteed Mask Supply for Residents Scheme will still be in place. This move shows that Macau is moving into a new phase of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because the global situation has gotten better, and they need to find a balance between public health concerns and getting back to normal.

During the pandemic, Macau had to deal with a lot of problems, like long-term limits and having to temporarily close all casinos twice. The choice to shut down the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre is a step toward normalcy, but people will still be on the lookout for the health threat that is still there.

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