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India Releases the First Cricket Strategy Game Based on NFT

April 24, 2023 India Blockchain

For the sizable market of cricket aficionados in India, Cricket Stars has been made available on the esports market. Without the aid of middlemen, gamers will be able to communicate with one another directly across a decentralized Web3 network utilizing a variety of applications. A cricket strategy game with a fresh release was developed and made in India.

The multiplayer NFT-based nature of the game and the inclusion of esports competitions make it unique in the market. Because it is not based on a Pay-to-Play or Play-to-Earn concept, more gamers will probably try it out. A public, open-source blockchain called Tezos uses a decentralized system that depends on low power and energy-efficient consensus.

Significant gaming industry advancement
The cooperation was revealed by Tezos India during a press conference where Om Malviya, President of Tezos India, described the NFT-based cricket game as being revolutionary and unique, denoting a step ahead for the gaming industry. Players will be able to interact with the cricket game while also collecting and trading unique NFTs with a cricket theme.

We anticipate that this partnership will serve as a fundamental building block of our shared commitment to transform the gaming industry. Om Malviya, President – Tezos India, said: “This game brings a new dimension to the gameplay experience. Our team is excited to collaborate with the gaming studio to bring this innovative game to life. We can’t wait for players to experience the thrill of NFT-based gaming on Tezos blockchain.

The Cricket Stars NFT marketplace, according to a press release from the firm, would enable players to communicate with one another and utilize Tezos wallets to trade, buy, and sell their cards through the in-game store without utilizing bitcoin. The Tezos blockchain powers the Cricket Star NFT exchange.

GoLive Games’ creator, Ravi Kiran, was delighted to express his excitement on the studio’s collaboration with Tezos India.

Cricket Stars provides an unmatched gaming experience to our valuable users in the form of distinctive NFTs, and we are grateful to the Tezos India team for powering our NFT marketplace, says Ravi Kiran, founder of GoLive Games. “Our partnership with Tezos India is an astounding statement of blockchain technology becoming an integral part of the gaming industry.”

Kiran also discussed the potential of blockchain technology and how it fits into the gaming industry.

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