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How DraftKings Was Hacked? – $300,000 Stolen

January 10, 2023 World Crime & Legal

In this article, we are going to tell you how DraftKings was hacked. Therefore, we are going to answer the question; How did they break one of the biggest gambling companies? This is not hard to find out. However, there is no proof or evidence of DraftKing’s wrongdoings. Furthermore, hacking attempts are common at online gambling sites in the US. However, DraftKings was a decent company to compensate as long as there was proof of losses.

The outraged customers are talking about leaving the platform. One of the main reasons why people will not give them a second chance has to do with customer support. DraftKings was one of the biggest companies, yet they had no customer support service at all. When they tried to look for help, the hackers laughed in their faces.

How DraftKings Was Hacked
According to Gizmodo, there is a simple explanation of how DraftKings was hacked. Therefore, the answer is simple. Hackers sold the login credentials for $5. The company claims there is no evidence of an actual data breach. However, some people have kept selling random customer accounts for $5 on the internet. Crazy to think that a few days ago, people were looking for the top 5 NBA draft classes of all time. But now they are leaving DraftKings in masses.

The company is trying to make up for the losses the best way it can. However, this is probably one of the most outrageous breaches in online gambling history because DraftKing was a truly prestigious application. However, the hackers are targeting more DFS websites.

67,995 Customers Suffering Data Breach
The most interesting thing in how DraftKings was hacked was the customer accounts because 67,995 customers were suffering from the data breach. These people had all of their information stolen online. When the hackers logged into their accounts, the first e-mail they received was a $5 deposit to the account. Because that is the quantity one needs to deposit before one could change the password.

Hackers are two steps ahead of the customers. Therefore, nearly no one was able to change their password quickly enough to avoid their balance getting nullified. This is why we believe a Digital ID in online casinos is more than important in our digital age. The hackers drained $300,000 from user accounts.

What Information Got Compromised?
The hackers have stolen several pieces of information. However, we recommend you to check other applications too because hackers might try to log in to different platforms. If you had a Draft Kings account, then we urge you to change passwords.

In conclusion, hackers may have compromised their username, password, e-mail address, picture, and balance. Furthermore, the last four digits of their credit card. Luckily the website is not storing the CVV code and the expiration date on the same page as they store everything else.

Are You A Victim?
If you are a victim of a data breach or information compromisation as well. Then you still have a chance to receive your account balance back. You have to change your information on all platforms. However, DraftKing truly cares for the customers who have suffered the hacker attack. Because these hackers did not only breach the website, but they applied brute force hacking on the users.

According to Fox News, the company encourages all customers who have suffered losses due to the hacking attack to contact them. You can contact DraftKings in case you are one of the victims easily. The hackers were successful. But the company is honestly trying to recover losses.

The Hackers Bragging On Twitter
There is much more to know about how DraftKings was hacked. According to Action Network, the hackers were bragging about it on Twitter. They have shared the method to use to get ‘easy cash’. What made the situation terrible, is that people who were trying to reach DraftKings had to read the live comments of their hackers.

Therefore, it was a devastating situation for all customers because these people are just innocent sportsbook bettors who hope to make some money on the weekends. Many have confirmed that once they receive their cash back the situation is over. They would leave the website. This is a traumatic event to go through.

DraftKings Statement
According to Gizmodo, James Chrisholm has said the company has restored the lost amounts to all affected users. Furthermore, the company reiterated that they have received no evidence user logins came from Inside DraftKings. However, the rival sports betting app FanDuel has also noted an increased number of hacking attempts.

Many would easily see that the hackers have hoped that the same users have the same credentials for different services. If you knew someone’s Netflix account, you’d try to check if it works for Disney+ too, right? This is exactly what the hackers did. This is only a solid theory because there is no evidence to prove the breach. No one should point fingers without evidence.

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