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Indonesia Legislators’ Online Gambling Under Scrutiny

July 10, 2024 Indonesia Crime & LegaliGaming & Gambling

Call for Action: Lawmakers Involved in Online Gambling in Indonesia Under Scrutiny

Online gambling is widespread in Indonesia, with lawmakers themselves participating, prompting calls for decisive action against these legislators.

Yet, the House of Representatives’ honorary council has not disclosed their identities, raising doubts about their commitment to tackling this issue. Concerns also linger over the extent of lawmakers involved in online gambling.

Recently, Indonesia’s Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) reported that over 1,000 individuals, including lawmakers, engaged in online gambling, totaling Rp 25 billion ($1.5 million) in bets across 65,000 transactions. PPATK has detailed information on these transactions but awaits the council’s request for disclosure.

Following PPATK’s revelations, Adang Daradjatun, head of the House’s honorary council, acknowledged 60 individuals at the House involved, including 2 lawmakers, pending confirmation. Names remain undisclosed, pending further investigation by the council.

Senior lawmaker Habiburokhman noted discrepancies, confirming 58 staff involved in smaller transactions compared to the alleged Rp 1.9 billion by the lawmakers. He urged appropriate actions, emphasizing the need for transparency.

House Speaker Puan Maharani urged the council to disclose identities to prevent speculation. Legal repercussions await, including sanctions ranging from minor warnings to dismissal, reflecting the severity of ethics violations.

Experts urge transparency and assertive police action against these legislators to uphold public trust and combat the negative impacts of online gambling on society, from familial disruption to mental health risks.

Original Story by: JakartaGlobe

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