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Crown Resorts Shifts Focus to Domestic Market Amid Regulatory Pressure

June 10, 2024 AustraliaMacau Casino & HotelIndustry Updates

Amidst stricter regulations and reduced funding, Crown Resorts is reevaluating its approach to attracting Australian talent. Aside from the casino, CEO Ciarán Carruthers acknowledges the “bad couple of years” and highlights the company’s many other products.

“We are bars, restaurants, and entertainment… We’re not just for high rollers,” Carruthers emphasizes, highlighting value-oriented activities like casual dining and live concerts. Their audience is increased by collaborations with important events like Formula One and Taylor Swift.

Crown Sydney is marketing its upscale bars and restaurants to the neighborhood after first catering to Chinese VIPs. There is less of a sense that the casino is exclusive to VIPs as it becomes more approachable.

Reductions in the number of jobs and hours worked are examples of Crown’s attempts to keep costs under control while still following the law. Carruthers believes that regulators may find a middle ground between more rules and a satisfying visitation experience.

His concern is the rise of illicit gambling dens, which he believes could be sparked by dissatisfaction with existing casino regulations. In order to guarantee a secure and pleasurable experience, Carruthers emphasizes the significance of a “normalized” approach to responsible gambling.

Crown aims to recapture the Australian market by offering a wider range of entertainment options and guaranteeing a seamless experience that complies with laws without pushing patrons toward illegal alternatives.

Original Story by: Inside Asian Gaming

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