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Casino Floors Get Revamp: Themed Zones Target Younger Gamblers

June 10, 2024 Macau Casino & HoteliGaming & Gambling

Asian luxury casinos are redesigning their interiors to draw in younger patrons. Leaders in the slot machine industry Light & Wonder and Aristocrat are pushing “themed gaming zones” that provide more than just lines of machines.

These businesses see digital walls, flashing lights, and themed environments in the near future. In order to create zones with distinctive branding and a feeling of “destination,” they are studying shopping habits.

Macau is a prime place for these ostentatious zones because of its high roller clientele.

By using this strategy, casinos want to attract younger customers who might not find classic layouts all that fascinating.

The Philippines has not had much success with themed zones, although short-term travelers to Macau are more likely to look for unusual experiences.

Original Story by: Inside Asian Gaming

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