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MintBet fined $65,000 for allowing customer to gamble for 35-hours

April 3, 2024 World Crime & LegaliGaming & Gambling

The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) has fined Australian sports betting service MintBet AU$ 100,000 ($65,000) for allowing a customer to wager continuously for 35 out of 50 hours.

The VGCCC issued the fine, alleging that despite the customer exhibiting symptoms of distress that might be linked to compulsive gambling, MintBet did not cease accepting bets from them.

According to authorities, the customer’s account was only terminated by MintBet after their explicit reporting of harm resulting from their gaming activities. The customer lost AU$ 31,149 ($20,200) on 327 bets they placed using their online account with MintBet throughout this period.

MintBet must report to the VGCCC on any enhancements to its policies and practices as part of the penalty. MintBet’s response will be examined by the VGCCC, which will then decide whether further action is required.

The VGCCC’s deputy CEO, Scott May, emphasized the seriousness of the penalties for gaming operators that disregard responsible gaming guidelines, stating, “We won’t tolerate it.”

Despite the fact that MintBet’s website has a section defining signs of problem gambling, such trouble controlling gaming activity and going over budget or time, the VGCCC decided that the operator did not adequately handle these issues.

Regulators in Australia have gradually penalized gaming companies for their failure to handle problem gambling, regardless of whether they operate on land-based or online platforms.

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