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Thai casino brand announces new online platform

March 18, 2024 CambodiaThailand Events & AnnouncementsiGaming & Gambling

Formerly based in Cambodia, Holiday Palace has opened up a new online gaming site named Holiday Gaming.

With a redesigned login process, fresh promotions, and additional gaming genres, this redesigned platform aims to provide consumers with a simpler and more intuitive experience.

Numerous options will be available at Holiday Casino, such as slots, baccarat, roulette, and online casino games. There will be two of the well-liked Holiday Palace games: Dragon Tiger and Pok Deng.

The popular card game baccarat has been adapted for easy online betting on the Holiday Casino platform. It is available at casinos all around the globe. One of Holiday Palace’s most played games, baccarat is renowned for its straightforward rules and big reward possibilities. The company thinks that customers of the new Holiday Casino project will be drawn in by the popularity of baccarat.

One of the most played card games worldwide is Baccarat, according to a Holiday Palace representative. With its thrilling betting, simple gameplay, and big profit potential, it’s affordable for even those with little resources. The minimum bet for online baccarat at Holiday Casino is only 10 bhat (£0.22).

The Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand has previously said that legalizing gambling is something that he supports. According to the Gambling Act of 1935, gambling is banned in Thailand save from state-run horse races and the national lottery. For foreigners who are not citizens of Cambodia, gambling is permitted. In response to the Prime Minister’s call for stricter regulations, the Commercial Gambling Management of Cambodia (CGMC) has released a new set of guidelines on illegal gaming.

Original story by: Gambling Insider

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