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MGM CEO says Macau’s foreigner-only gambling zones failed to gain traction with players

March 18, 2024 Macau Casino & HotelIndustry Updates

The CEO and President of MGM Resorts, Bill Hornbuckle, said that the underwhelming success of foreigner-only gaming zones in drawing players was a factor in other Macau casino operators’ recent use of RFID technology to enhance play monitoring on their gaming floors.

Speaking about the switch from foreigner-only zones to chip-monitoring technology, Hornbuckle said, “We introduced a ‘chip in chip’ program several years ago where each chip is monitored. This offered benefits such as error-free gaming, precise allocation of labor, and numerous backend advantages in accounting and finance, which were significant.”

“When the new regulations came into effect and there was a demand for international business outside of Greater China – including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China – the most effective method to monitor it, given the different tax bracket, was to segregate [international business] into separate private rooms,” he said in reference to the division of international business into separate private rooms. Patrons from nations like Thailand needed to wager in certain rooms.

Customers did not appreciate this method, but ‘chip in chip’ technology enabled us to acquire a big edge,’ he said, highlighting the benefits of the technology. Because we could keep an eye on every move they made while playing, we could allow customers to roam freely around the casino.”

Hornbuckle went on to underline that Macau’s gaming authorities are in favor of this technology, saying, “They value and endorse it because it provides transparency and comprehension. It’s truly traceable, and now others are striving to adopt similar technology.”

Original story by: IAG

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