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Cambodia gaming watchdog runs public awareness campaign against illegal gambling, lotteries

March 12, 2024 Cambodia Crime & LegaliGaming & Gambling

The General Secretariat of the Commercial Gambling Management Commission of Cambodia (CGMC), which is overseen by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Cambodia, has launched a public awareness campaign on several social media platforms.

Raising public awareness of the dangers of internet advertising that promotes illicit gaming and lotteries is the aim of this campaign.

The CGMC, according to the Phnom Penh Post, has been hinting at potential legal action in notices about many ongoing investigations. The CGMC is particularly concerned about the proliferation of online casino-style games that are advertised on social media platforms like Facebook, Telegram, and YouTube since these games are prohibited under the Law on the Management of Commercial Gambling and the Law on the Suppression of Gambling.

The CGMC highlights the detrimental effects that online gambling advertising has on public order, society values, and the lives of many people. It promises to carry out in-depth investigations and take legal action against operators, participants, sponsors, and any other parties having an interest in illegal gaming.

The general public has been advised not to engage in illicit gambling or visit locations that encourage it. The CGMC advises authorities at all levels to closely monitor gambling ads, operators, and players and to take immediate action to put an end to any instances of illicit gaming.

Sam Ath, operations director of rights organization LICADHO, says this message is a powerful public alert and calls on the government to immediately shut down internet gambling businesses to avoid similar problems in the future.

Original story by: Asia Gaming Brief

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