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New Hollywood biography abouot Steve Wynn currently in development

March 11, 2024 World Events & Announcements

A new Hollywood biography of Steve Wynn, the renowned man who founded Wynn Resorts and was responsible for the rise and fall of the Las Vegas casino industry, is now being written. It’s unclear, however, whether the idea will be turned into a movie or television show.

The play, which is based on Christina Binkley’s 2018 book “Winner Takes All,” aims to investigate Wynn’s ascent to fame and fortune as well as his unanticipated fall after accusations of sexual misconduct at the beginning of 2018.

The book has been optioned by CoverStory. Emmet McDermott and Scott Jay Kaplan will produce it, with Binkley serving as a co-producer. Producer of the Netflix documentary “White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch,” McDermott, thanked Binkley for the opportunity to collaborate on this compelling tale.

The focus of the adaptation is supposed to be on Wynn’s rise in the 1990s and the factors that ultimately contributed to his death. Even though Wynn denied the allegations, he struck a settlement with the Nevada Gaming Commission last year that forbade him from having any authority or position of control over publicly traded companies that were registered with the agency. 2019 allegations of sexual misconduct against Wynn led to the CEO of Wynn Resorts resigning and selling his entire stake in the company, which in turn caused this decision.

The Nevada Casino Commission filed a complaint against Wynn, claiming that his unsolicited advances to lower-level employees damaged the industry’s reputation.

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