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195 illegal foreigners arrested after 2 raids in Sihanoukville on illegal online gambling sites

March 11, 2024 Cambodia Crime & Legal

Following two raids on illegal online gambling sites in Sihanoukville, 195 illegal immigrants were apprehended and will now be deported from Cambodia.

On March 9, 2024, the first assault happened at the former Paradis Island Casino in Sihanoukville. 172 foreigners of four nationalities—109 Vietnamese, 54 Thais, 8 Taiwanese, and 1 Chinese—including 43 women, were found by authorities during the operation. In addition, Sihanoukville Provincial Court will handle legal proceedings for five managers, four of whom are Taiwanese and one of whom is Chinese, who were taken into custody.

A total of 167 (41 females) of the 172 foreigners—109 Vietnamese, 54 Thai, and 4 Taiwanese—were handed up to the General Department of Immigration to be deported.

March 10 saw the second assault in Group 23, Village 2, Sangkat 3, Sihanoukville. In the course of the operation, authorities found 279 Cambodians, including 227 women, and 28 foreigners, 27 of whom were Chinese and one of whom was Burmese. Additionally, the General Department of Immigration received 28 foreign nationals for possible deportation.

These law enforcement initiatives aimed to shut down all illegal online gambling businesses in Sihanoukville.

Original story by: Khmer Times

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